Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Digitalize your Payroll Management Software via Talentview’s Smart Payroll solution. Our cloud based payroll software would enable HR managers to handle all the financial records in a hassle-free environment. It will also ensure timely disbursement of salaries to employees by linking payroll management with attendance management. However, our payroll system software is mature enough to not just manage salaries, but also helps in managing loans and advances requested by employees.

Payroll Setup

‘Payroll setup’ enables you to decide the payroll year, allowances and deductions, determine the tax slabs and manage payroll workflows. Payroll dashboard gives the pictorial representation of the payroll statistics like unfinalized payrolls, on hold payrolls and the number of loans processed.

Employee Salary

‘Employee salary’ tab shows the entire salary details against each employee ID and name. Branch admin or managers can process increments in bulk via CSV File by entering the increment amount in salary increment tab. Similarly, employees can apply for the disbursement of medical claims via shifaam. It also sanction employees to apply for loans or advance salaries by entering the respective data in the fields.


You can also manage end of service settlements for people who have resigned. Branch admin can view the pending approvals of advance salary and loan requests from his sub ordinates. Once the payroll requirements are completed, the company can run their payroll according to their payroll cycle. Companies can also generate and preview pay slips based on self-created pay slips template via our HR payroll software.

Finally, reports show the summary of all important statistics where the branch admin can view the following reports:

  • Branch wise salary
  • Department wise details
  • Department wise payroll summary
  • Team wise payroll summary
  • Annual tax
  • Employee Salary report
  • Loan Report
  • Earnings and deductions
  • Increment report
  • Employee Provident Fund summary

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