Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Management of Employees

Employee Performance Management system by Talentview enable companies to automate, simplify and streamline their goal management system by providing an ongoing feedback to drive your employee’s productivity. Our cloud based Performance Management Software allow companies to coach, motivate, and reward outperforming employees by developing appropriate compensation plans.

Performance Setup

‘Performance setup’ in performance management software empower companies to create an appraisal cycle based on company’s policies,  define the number of review periods as per the requirement and set the automatic increment scale for outperforming employees.

Managers have been authorized to set qualitative or quantitative goals of their sub-ordinates and help track the progress of each individual’s goal and KPIs. This leads to automated performance reviews, thus facilitating promotion decisions for the managers. It allow companies to boost team collaboration by cascading and aligning their goals across the department to drive a team oriented culture in the organization.

Automated System

Automated performance management in HRM stores all the valuable information regarding assigned targets to employees and empower managers to identify the gap between the actual and desired performance. This helps them in identifying training and mentoring needs of their workers.

With data compiled automatically, useful reports are generated which helps to get insight on workforce performance. Lastly, the system ensures to eliminate any inconsistency in appraisals by sending managers an automatic reminder to complete their tasks and enabling them to keep their goal setting and performance management process on schedule.

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