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Talentview Privacy Policy

About Talentview

Talentview is the part of ePlanet Communications Inc. which is a Global process Outsourcing provider with a vast array of outsourcing solutions and services under one roof. Talentview provides you with an integral HR suite supporting common HR processes for your business that will help you cater to rising HR challenges of the current era. We deal in providing customization to meet the needs of your business, enabling you to better track and monitor employee progress thereby increasing the efficiency of managing employees. Talentview helps accelerate HR processes through automated workflows thus streamlining the manual HR processes.

At Talentview, our mission is to integrate the automated workflows by helping you to empower your employees and help drive optimization and departmental success.

The privacy policy at Talentview sets out how we use and protect any information that is provided by our clients. Our policy aims at protecting the confidentiality by making sure that our client information won’t be leaked to any unaffiliated third party. Should we ask you to provide us with any confidential information, you can be assured that such information will only be utilized as per the privacy policy of Talentview. The information will only be shared with your approval except for the specific purposes mentioned below, in accordance with all the applicable laws.

Please read this policy carefully because it will help you to handle your personal information in the best of its ways. Talentview reserves the right to change or update the policy as per the requirements of law. The policy will comprise of following components:

  • Use of Information
  • What we collect
  • What do we do with the information we collect
  • Disclosure
  • Data Storage and Security
  • Your rights
  • Contact information

Use of Information

We limit the collection of non-personal information by inviting applicants to provide limited identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you.  Any information that you provide will help us to communicate with you directly on the given contact details and provide you with our product catalogue that you might have requested.

What We Collect

We obtain information through various mediums where you are requested to fill in or provide us with the desired information. For instance, we may obtain following information:

  • Organization Name
  • Contact person within the organization
  • Email Address
  • Total number of employees and total number of direct users who will have access to the software
  • Industry that you operate in
  • Phone number
  • Deployment Model [ Cloud, On-Premise (Perpetual or Rented) ]
  • Modules that you are interested in
  • Clients’ employees related information

What we do with the information we gather

The information that you provide helps us to have a comprehensive overview of your requirements and better position our solution as per your needs. In particular, we use the information for the following:

  • Internal record keeping
  • Your personal details will help us to revert to you to share the proposal and costing after the initial meeting
  • In future, your contact details will help us to inform you about the updated modules
  • We may use the information to customize our offerings to better cater to clientele belonging to various industries
  • Manage the customer relationship and provide you with the after sale customer support
  • Talentview Software Implementation


We ensure the confidentiality of our clients’ information by mentioning our non-disclosure policy clearly. We do not disclose any information except what we believe is necessary to be disclosed to certain departments at Talentview for operational performance or to those we believe is necessary for the conduct of our business. However, we make sure that no information is leaked to third party who may want to sell their products to you.

Data Storage/Security

Security is the heart of everything we do. We provide the confidentiality of information by installing in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial processes and secure the information we collect. We have your information stored at secure servers.

Your data may be processed or stored via destinations outside of the Pakistan and the South Asia Area, but always in accordance with data protection law with rigid mechanisms to lawfully transfer data across borders, and subject to strict safeguards.

Your rights

As mentioned above, just like we rely on your consent to process your information, you have the authority to withdraw the consent as per your wish by changing the privacy settings.

You can have below mentioned rights:

  • You can always demand a copy of information that we hold in our record
  • You can enter the data which you deem appropriate to share with us
  • You can request us to provide data in a portable device

Contact info

For any further information, you can contact us at

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