Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Improve the employee’s productivity and efficiency with Talentview’s Attendance Management System by keeping a fair and real time record of check ins and check outs. Attendance setup enable companies to define employment shifts, upcoming holidays, non-working day allowance, overtime policies and overtime approval workflows.

HR Manager will have the following rights in Attendance Management Module:

Attendance dashboard

Attendance dashboard will reflect the day’s attendance and the attendance approval requests raised by the sub-ordinates.

Roster Management

Just like employee time management system, roster management automates the management of employees who are working in shifts. Using Talentview’s Attendance Management module, you can automate rosters that can help companies save time. It allow HR managers to create new rosters as per their shift requirements, import/export, & create and view the weekly roster.

Import Attendance

Companies maintaining their attendance sheet on excel can import attendance of their employees in our system and can automate their attendance on it.

Attendance Device log

HR manager has been authorized to view the employee records against the attendance machine. It precisely show the time in and time out, hours worked of its subordinates which helps the manager in making payroll decisions.

Request Adjustment

Branch admin/HR Manager has the right to adjust the attendance of their employees on legitimate grounds, for instance, the absenteeism on certain days can be adjusted by the manager.

Request Overtime

This feature allow HR Managers to request overtime on behalf of non-management staff like janitorial staff who does not know how to operate computers or laptops.


HR Manager can view the daily attendance report, attendance summary, attendance register of his employees. Attendance summary enable managers to view each employee’s attendance for a month.

Just like HR Managers have certain rights, employees too can log in via their employee self-service account where they can keep a track of their attendance, early leaves, number of hours worked and the total of short or excess time. Employees can send in the adjustment and over time request to their managers in case the device shows the wrong check in or check out time in the attendance summary.

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