Leaves Management

Leaves Management

HR Leaves Management Software by Talentview enable companies to automate leaves management of employees to reduce the workload of HR and make the process completely paperless. Companies can handle employee’s vacation requests through one central system and enable employees to keep a track of their leaves data.

In addition, through leave setup, companies can define their leave policies on the basis of fiscal or calendar year, decide the leave approval workflows, and allow leave tags for employees who are on a business travel or on bereavement leave.

Leaves Management Dashboard

Leaves Management Dashboard enable branch admin and employees to have access to their leaves information at their own disposal by logging in via their employee self-service. Branch admin can view monthly availed leaves of their sub-ordinates and leave pending approvals within last six months, whereas, employees can view the leaves consumed within last six months.

My Leaves

‘My leaves’ tab allow employees to view the number of leaves they are entitled to and the leaves consumed in a given year. Employees can raise a new leave request to their managers via leaves tab as well.

Leaves Management Report authorize branch admin to access the following information:

Employee Wise Report

Employee wise report display the employee leave entitlement and consumption in report view and chart view. Branch admin can filter reports by entering the leave period, department and employees in the respective tabs and can have the view of the employees’ reports against the data entered. In addition, they can export the data to excel for use of any correction in future if required.

Month Wise Report

The feature enables the branch admin to view the month wise report of all the employees or a particular employee by entering the relevant information in the tabs and can generate reports against the data entered.

Leave Adjustment Reports

Leave adjustment reports display the leave adjustments done by the branch admin against each employee. A negative leave adjustment number will take the leave from the leave balance and a positive leave number will add to the leave balance of the employee.

Leave charts

Leave charts show the pictorial representation of  the number of casual, sick, annual, maternity and paternity leaves consumed by employees in last six months.

Branch admin has the right and access to his sub-ordinate’s leave consumption data via employee reports which enlists all the employees under him and the leave type they are entitled to and consumed.

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