Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Workforce Management by Talentview is an automated system of managing the employees of the organization so as to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees. Through Workforce Management Module, you can automate the menial tasks so that employees can spend their energies on the tasks they are expert in.

Employee Dashboard enables you to visualize the key strategic data of the organization such as:

  • Number of people hired in a month
  • Number of people resigned
  • Number of upcoming confirmations
  • Number of branch transfers
  • Onboarding tasks due

Workforce Management Solution allows the strategic alignment by divisions, departments, sub departments, department heads and teams by collecting and managing the employee’s record within intelligent searchable database. It provides ease to the manager by giving easy options to promote, demote, departmental transfer and branch transfer of their employees directly through employee listing tab. It also allows you to import or export employees in real time thus updating the employee records spontaneously. Lastly, by clicking on the particular employee’s record, you can have the card view generated automatically against the employee ID.

Employment setup enables you to view the following information:

  • Grades within an organization
  • Department wise designations
  • HR Letters (Confirmation, experience, increment, promotion, appointment etc.)
  • Ensure quick onboarding task like assignment of laptops, mobile phones etc.
  • Employee Benefits and Administration against each employee record
  • Employee rights assigned by the branch admin
  • Allow form designing for HR purposes

Similarly, Employees Form feature enables you to view the form name (interview evaluation form, employee satisfaction survey, exit interview form etc.) and the status (pending/approved) against each employee record.

Viewing reports give a quick glance of the data patterns and trends. It allows companies to represent huge data volumes in a simplified manner. By viewing the reports section, you can view the following reports easily:

  • Department Wise report
  • Grades report
  • Organizational Chart which gives the pictorial representation of the reporting structures
  • Employee Reports
  • Employee Activity Log
  • Employee Transfers
  • Chart wise reports which represents the data in the form of pie chart
  • Branch Transfer pendings

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